In couples with infertility, it is still the woman who usually gets examined first; men frequently are examined only later, even though male infertility contributes to nearly half of all cases.

Infertility means the inability of a couple to conceive and reproduce. According to doctors, infertility is defined as the failure to conceive after one year of regular intercourse without contraception.

There are two types of infertility: primary and secondary.

  • Primary infertility means that a man has never fathered a child

  • Secondary infertility: the man has already fathered one or more children, either with his current partner or another woman

Male infertility has many causes – genetics, stress, changes in lifestyle, but also dietary habits have reduced production and quality of sperm at an alarming rate. Approximately 7% of all men remain infertile even after one year of unprotected intercourse.

There are inherited and acquired disorders, they are divided into disorders of hormonal control of testicular function (1-2%), diseases of sperm formation in the testes itself (30-40%) and diseases of the transport system of sperm (approx. 10-20%).