PROfortil™ is a clinically proven treatment for male fertility disorders that contains d a patented ansynergistic composition of micronutrients. The effectiveness of PROfortil™ has been proven in five studies1-5.
  • PROfortil  is the only formulation that has six clinical studies1-5 demonstrating its efficacy and safety.
  • In a controlled study of 205 patients1, for example, PROfortil was superior to the control group in improving all key metrics for sperm quality – ejaculatory volume, cell density, motility and morphology.
  • More importantly, after three months of treatment with PROfortil 26% of couples achieved pregnancy.
  • In a separate study2, PROfortil was given to male patients with subclinical varicocele. Post-treatment evaluation showed an improvement in all male fertility parameters, with pregnancy occurring in 41% of couples.
  • PROfortil is made in Austria with European-sourced ingredients and produced in compliance with Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices.

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