Every man should build a house, plant a tree, and have a child

—A popular Chinese Proverb

The first two points on the “to-do list” are relatively easy to achieve. The third one, fathering a child, will remain a yearning for an increasing number of men that unfortunately is difficult or even impossible to fulfil.

The Reason for PROfortilTM

Worldwide, fewer and fewer children are born for the most diverse reasons. Today, already 10-15% of all couples are involuntarily childless. There are various reasons why people have trouble conceiving, with women (female factor) and men (male factor) – or a combination of both – being affected to the same extent.

The Male Factor

PROfortilTM is the first clinically proven treatment for male fertility disorders. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in 5 studies with more than 700 patients. The patented and synergistic composition of micronutrients has been proven to improve all sperm parameters necessary for successful conception and pregnancy.1-3

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